7 Best FREE Travel Apps in 2020 for Budget Travelers

7 Best FREE Travel Apps in 2020 for Budget Travelers

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Hey, are you an avid traveler but don’t want to pay your hard-earned money to a travel agent? You got a great idea. This is 2019 where everything is digitally connected. So the one and the only thing that you need to organize your next trip (be it in your country or abroad) is a Smartphone with Internet connectivity. That’s it… From a local travel destination to dream destination Switzerland, these 7 best free travel apps for budget travelers will not only help you with a budget trip but also give you the freedom to travel freely.



From booking your flight & accommodation to ordering your food and preparing the list of your local sightseeing everything can be easily handled by yourself if you have an Android or iOS smartphone. In this post, I am going to tell you 10 must-have Free Travel Apps for your Android phone as well as the iPhone.

I have listed down all the Most Helpful and Best Free Travel Apps, which I personally use, in different categories to cover every aspect of my budget trip.

1. Booking your Flight/Transport:


When it’s time to book your flight, you want the best deal, right? Use Skyscanner to search, compare and book flights at the cheapest price anywhere in the world from skyscanner.com ). It has a cool feature ‘Search Everywhere” to get the best price available anywhere in the world.

There are many other apps you can use to explore the best price and you can also use some other apps like Momondo, Kayak. Kiwi.com.

cheap flight booking app skyscanner for budget travelers
Skyscanner App

Download link: Android and iOS.

  • Rentalcars.com Car Hire App: If you want to rent a car, most of these apps provide that feature, however, I will recommend this app to get the best deal and user-friendly experience. Link: Android and iOS
  • Kiwi.com: For travelers who use local bus and train service, Kiwi.com is the app that provides this feature also.
  • Uber: If you are not old enough or eligible to rent a car and don’t have enough confidence to use local transport then you can use Uber which is active in more than 173 countries. It is a little bit costly but might be helpful when you are traveling to a new country.
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2. Booking your Accommodation:

Booking.com Hotel Reservation:

Try using this best app available in the market to book your budget hotels to luxury hotels. When I travel with my parents this app is the best option for me. I can reserve my hotel and pay later at the time of check-in. Also, they have a ‘Free Cancellation’ policy available for most of their hotels.

cheap hotel booking app booking.com for budget travelers
Booking App

Download link: Android and iOS

There are some other useful accommodation booking apps in this category depending on the type of accommodation you want to book.

  • Hostel World: If you are a solo budget traveler and want to meet new people while traveling then Hostel World will be the best option for you. Android & iOS
  • Airbnb: To get a more authentic experience you can try Airbnb which can be an ideal alternative of booking.com if you don’t find any hotel at your remote location. Android & iOS
  • Couchsurfing: It is best for those explorers who prefer free accommodation and hanging out with locals. Android & iOS
  • Hotel Tonight: An amazing website for last-minute hotel booking at a cheap price. Android & iOS

3. Planning Your Budget:

Trail Wallet:

For a budget traveler like me, this is a must-have app in my checklist. When I am traveling with a tight budget, I don’t want to lose track of how much I am spending. This app makes it easier for me for planning and spending on the entire trip. I can create different categories like accommodation, transport, food, etc. Once your trip begins, you will have to track your expenses, which is a little bit annoying but you can save a good amount of money if you keep track of it.

best budget planning app trail wallet for budget backpackers
Trail Wallet App

Download link: iOS only

Some other similar apps in this category are Trabee pocket, Buddy etc.

4. Planning Your Trip:

Guides by Lonely Planets:

This free travel app knows everything about a certain place with offline maps, transport information, currency converter, must-see sights and many more. During my solo Thailand trip when I was puzzled about what to do in Bangkok, this app came out as the ultimate solution. I got all the details of the place in one place.

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Here you have to choose the country or city where you are traveling, download the city guides and in the menu section there are several options like see, eat, sleep, drink, shop etc. I personally like this app and it came with great help for me while planning a trip itinerary for Southern Thailand.

best trip planning app guides by lonely planet
Guides by Lonely Planets

Download link: Android and iOS

Some other similar apps in this category: Roadtrippers, Yelp and Tripadvisor.

5. Exploring the City:


This app is like my personal assistant when it comes to public transport and urban mobility. I just put my location where I want to go and let Moovit show the magic. It shows the best route of public transport available. It also gives me Live direction, Real-time arrival, Real-time alerts everything that makes my Chiang Mai Travel very easy.

best city guided app Moovit specially for solo travelers
Moovit App

Download link: Android and iOS

Other similar apps: Google Maps, Apple Maps

6. Connected with Closed Ones:


When I travel far from my location Whatsapp is my best companion to stay connected with your parents, relatives or friends. It uses phone contacts and let me do voice calls, video calls, text, image and video sharing to other people.

whatsapp the best communication app for budget travelers

Download link: Android and iOS

Another same type of apps: FB messenger, Skype

7. Translator:

Google Translate:

When you travel abroad you will most likely need a good app to translate and here Google Translator does an amazing job. You have to download the language of your desired destination and make it available offline. For most used languages you cal use their photo feature where you can simply hover over the original text and the text is translated into your language. They also offer the ‘Conversation’ feature where you can record in real-time and the translation is played out instantly.

google translate app that needs to translate any language while traveling
Google Translate App

Download link: Android and iOS.

Similar apps in this category: iTranslator and Speak & Translate.

Google Map is one of the must-have apps while traveling, but as it is kept pre-installed in maximum smartphones I didn’t keep it on my list.

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There are so many useful travel apps available in App Store or Google Play Store, that’s why I have categorized to cover all areas and selected the best free travel apps among those which are worth downloading. If Dubai is in your bucket list then you can check these free apps for a pleasant trip in Dubai.

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Best free travel apps

I have sorted some other travel apps which are also great in their respective areas. If you wish you can download as per your need.

  • OpenRice/Zomato: These two apps are liked by mainly foodie travelers. These apps provide restaurant listings with in-depth reviews, menus, photos, and prices of the dishes. OpenRice is Asia specific app where Zomato is available in 22 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Australia and more.
  • WithLocals: You can book different experiences with locals like home dinners, workshops, city tours etc. which will add a different layer in your travel experience.
  • Netflix/Spotify: When you get bored in the airport lounge or rail station you can download or watch movies, a TV series with a monthly subscription. If you are a music lover then Spotify is the best option. I will recommend downloading your favorite movies and songs before travel.
  • Wifi finder: Search your location and see if there is any free WiFI available which is really helpful especially when you arrive in a new country.
  • Priority Pass: It offers its members to get access over 1200 airport lounges around the world where you get complimentary drinks, light food, free WiFi and a comfortable place to relax. Check out the review of Heathrow Airport Lounge of British Airways before buying your Priority Pass.

Some more amazing travel apps might come in the near future, but as of now, these are all the best free travel apps that will surely help you to make your next trip easier, cheaper and comfortable. There might be some apps that you like but unfortunately, I have missed. Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment box below, so that we can update the list.

Happy Travelling… 🙂

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  1. You shared a bunch I had not heard of, so I will be checking those out, thank you! I love using Kayak’s Explore feature to find cheap flights and also WhatsApp for keeping in touch!

    1. Recently I booked return flight tickets for Bangkok and I found it cheap in Skyscanner and Google Flight.

  2. My husband and I are traveling to Greece in November and this blog post gave me some great tips on which apps to use! Guides by Lonely Planets and Zomato are going to be our life savers! Thank you!

    1. It will be my pleasure if these apps helps you in your next trip.

  3. Very informative, I’ll be sure to remember these tips next time I travel!

  4. The only app I have used on this list is Google Translate. Really loving the budgeting app though. Great app list!

  5. These apps really are good. Especially Google Translate, perfect for any country you don’t know the language for 100%. And I can’t live without Google Maps, while traveling and even when I am in my own country 😉

    Maya, travel-by-maya.com

  6. How did I miss so many of these apps? Very helpful list that I will definitely look over for our next vacation.

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